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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hastings - Rockley Beach Improvement 2007

The above synth is a collage of photos taken last year (2007) of the beachfront in the vicinity of the KFC restaurant in Hastings, Christ Church on the south coast tourism strip. The project involves the widening of the beach between Hastings and Rockley by building a series of artificial headlands between which sand is being deposited to reconstruct beaches in the area that have been eroded over time. It also involves the construction of a boardwalk stretching the entire length of the project and a small park on the headland by KFC. There are four frames in this synth that were taken in March of 2007 before the project started showing the completely eroded beachfront as it appeared looking south towards Rockley from the KFC location. All the others frames were taken in October 2007 when construction of the headland by KFC was in full swing.
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