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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mounted Police To Patrol New South Coast Boardwalk

In the wake of the recent attacks on two Canadian visitors to the island on Long Beach, Christ Church and the subsequent death of one of them, police in Barbados have stepped up their patrols in areas frequented by tourists and purchased at least two Segway motorized personal transporters to patrol the new south coast boardwalk in Hastings, Christ Church which area has also seen an uptick in violence against visitors since its recent unofficial opening.  According to police quoted in the Barbados Advocate similar units will also be deployed in other parts of the island.   Attention is also being given to the question of lighting the boardwalk after dark. 
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lobby Group Calls For End To Mega-Resorts

"Mega-resorts are destroying communities and are environmentally unsustainable and lead to widespread alienation and displacement of people from their land, according to a new report from lobby group Tourism Concern.

Poor communities in developing countries, which depend heavily upon their natural resources for their livelihoods, are the hardest hit.

Huge tracts of public and privately owned land are being "grabbed" and sold off to real estate developers by governments keen to expand tourism in pursuit of economic growth. In reality, little of the profit from internationally managed resorts stays in the local economy.

The trickle down of tourism revenue to those who have lost their homes and livelihoods is minimal, particularly in the face of rising living costs associated with an influx of tourists and owners of expensive second homes. Cheap migrant labour is often drafted in from abroad to work on the developments, while opportunities for employment in the exclusive five-star resorts are limited to the most menial, poorly paid roles..."

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