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Thursday, August 18, 2011

REDjet rising - Globe-trotting - The Boston Globe

 "First it was $9.99 for a one-way ticket from Barbados to Guyana; then Barbados to Trinidad. Now the Caribbean's first low-cost carrier REDJet is reportedly breaking open a Latin American route that will take St. Lucians or Bajans cheaply and directly to Panama CIty to go shopping.

What might that mean for America? For one, with Panama City's fabled bargains a cheap flight away, Caribbean residents would no longer look to Miami for those weekend shopping sprees. For another, the Caribbean and lower Americas could become viable for the kind of multiple destination jaunts that former inter-island air passes promised but didn't deliver. (For example, a Caribbean Airlines flight from Barbados to Kingston, Jamaica can cost as much as $420.)

The REDjet promise is that "Your final payment amount depends entirely on you." Plan ahead, choose off-peak days, and book at their airport ticket desk, and the airline guarantees a one-way flight will cost $9.99 plus taxes.

Will Caribbean islanders finally be freed from over-pricing? Stay tuned.

Now, if only I could get to Barbados this Christmas for under $650 ..."

Source: REDjet rising - Globe-trotting - The Boston Globe

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