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Monday, November 23, 2009

King Ferdinand Of Arrogance Finds A Port In Barbados At Last

Work in progress on the Port Ferdinand Marina at Retreat, St. Peter, Barbados

It has been several months since this blog visited the subject of the Six Mens/Retreat marina, but that's not because a lot has not gone or is going on with that project. Quietly a few months ago work started on the project but as the old Bajan proverb goes - "You can hide and by land but you can't hide and work it" - sure enough, word of the billion dollar St. Peter residential marina project has started leaking in the local media a few weeks ago and already a firestorm has been gathering. You know, for example, that there is a big environmental concern when the daily paper through which the government speaks to the country yesterday had to carry an article trumpeting the environmental procedures that were followed in getting the project off the ground. The article glossed over the fact that the last mangrove on the west coast has already been destroyed by this project, but that may only be the first of several controversies this new marina next door to the still controversial Port St. Charles may generate before it opens for business hopefully in 2012.

Port Ferdinand Marina Master Plan

The master plan calls for just 96 luxury condos to be constructed on the 13-acre site around a lagoon with the capability for berthing 120 yachts. It also involves the construction of a roundabout and a swing bridge to facilitate vehicular and boating traffic, and beach improvements in the area will be carried out.

No word yet on whether this latest west coast monstrosity is in fact named in honor of Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile.


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  1. When will this madness stop? As I have said before I am from UK & it isn't my home but I hate to seea place I love destroyed. They have already taken away my favourite places to stay KBH & SBH..what next

  2. How to ruin a beautful location without really trying - a blot on the beautiful landscape of the north west. The project at Sandridge is truly an eyesore are the planners/Government bent on destruction.

  3. Words cannot express the RAGE I feel right now!!!!!!!!! Government has allowed the rape of MY beautiful island to progress despite the environmental disasters they posed to the land. UGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHhh I cant even collect my thoughts, I AM SO FUCKING PISSED OFF!!!!! Government can go to HELL!!!!!! I DONE!!!!

  4. "Drewett also commented about the development under way at Port Ferdinand, St Peter, close to Six Men's.

    Labelling the initial groundwork "that huge hole we passed", he told those on the field trip: "The whole of that was just machined out right down to bedrock without anyone doing any observation or archaeological work. It shouldn't have happened..."" - more on

  5. Barbados TravelAdvisor • View topic - 1914 Archaeology report for Barbados/Taliban Mentality -


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