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Friday, September 25, 2009

What Happened To The Lakes?

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It is amazing what a change of government and a recession can do to some of the "big" tourism related developments around the island.  Ever wondered what happened to "The Lakes?"  Remember those huge billboards along the highways and byways a few years ago advertising what was to become a huge 500-villa health and wellness community in Mt. Brevitor, St. Peter?  Well, it seems they sold a lot fewer than 77 villas and apartments so they have downsized and changed the name from The Lakes to "VueMont."  "The Lakes" probably was too confusing to potential buyers who wouldn't know the development was supposed to sit on 180 acres of two former sugar plantations - Mt. Brevitor and Lakes.  They have also dropped the health and wellness/retirement theme and are going after anybody with at least US$400K who cannot find and/or afford beachfront property and don't mind a view from a hill mount.  Get it - VueMont?  
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  1. Despite the change in name and potential clients. The lakes aka Vuemont is an extremely atractive development. Several people who actually live in Barbados have told me they really like it, the position is really lovely with cooling breezes and away from the tourist places. The views are fabulous, and if you are into wildlife there is lots to see. That end of the island also has some fantastic eating [places and great beaches.

  2. You Have Fantastic Views Of The Caribbean Sea from up at "Vuemont".
    It is a very nice place for anyone to have a break. You have a nice breeze, they now have plenty of new facilities coming online.
    Shops & eating places are very close, nice beaches minutes away, to be honest it has the lot,what else could you want.

  3. "The Lakes" "Vuemont" it doesn't really matter! This is a great little development built by Rotherley Construction and C.O. Williams who are the biggest names in construction in Barbados. The finish is great and the views and facilities are fabulous. Away from the hectic West Coast but near enough to enjoy the beach when you want it. It really has the best of both with great views thrown in for good measure!

  4. I've lived in the Lakes. The construction of those homes was cheap. Many items fell apart. I also thought it was a great idea when they installed a small pond. I'm not sure what they were thinking considering the pond became a nesting ground for bugs. This is a trap for non-Bajans. Buyer be ware.


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