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Monday, February 16, 2009

Has Paul Doyle Taken Over Culpepper Club/Whitehaven

You know how it is in Barbados - you learn what's happening on the island by reading the overseas media (usually the British press).  A blurb in a recent article in The Independent seems to indicate that Paul Doyle, the re-developer of the Crane Hotel in St. Philip, has taken over all or part of the financially strapped Culpepper/Whitehaven project at Bushy Park (at least the Whitehaven part):   

"Canadian Paul Doyle has made the Crane into one of the best hotels on the island, recently completing the Crane Village, a series of colonial-style buildings including an art gallery, a cinema, a fitness centre and a bookshop. He is planning a new project, Anani (named after the Amerindian word for flower), further north, opposite Culpepper Island. Doyle's design will make the most of the stream and ponds that are features of the site and each room will have its own infinity pool and views of the ocean."
Click here for entire article. 
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1 comment:

  1. Indeed, the Crane should have considerable resources at hand to continue these development projects. Anyone considering a purchase, however, would be wise to ask Crane sales exactly how they handle resales. They'll tell you that you're free to sell your property on your own or, at 10% commission, the resort will market the property for you. I know a guy who's been desperately trying for years to sell his property at the Crane and has gotten nowhere. Once you discover that there's no interest out there for Crane property, you must depend on the resort to sell your property there. Now, do you think 10% is high? What say you of 20%!? That's the number the Crane springs on you if you want to get their sales staff to seriously market your property. At 10% they won't shake a leg for you. Once you've stewed for a while in the despair of getting nowhere, you're advised to sign up for their "premium sales plan" - 20% commission for full ownership, and an even more outrageous 30% (!!!!!) for timeshares. While you're waiting for that elusive buyer, the Crane will likely have your property in its rental pool, so at least you can earn some measly returns once the Crane deducts - for 1 bdroom residences more than US$800.00 per week!! - "maintenance fee". They're in no hurry to take care of these resales because they're taking their cut by renting your property and busy with their unsold units. Once you realize you're at their mercy you get hit with the "premium listing" surprise. Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations Mr. Doyle!


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