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Saturday, October 7, 2006

Sam Lord's Project Outline

Sam Lord's Castle

Sam Lord's, St. Philip (72 acres)

Hotel - 350 rooms

Condos - 200

Developers - CLICO

Date - 2009

Price Tag - US $125 Million

Status - Unknown
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  1. is Sam Lord's Castle site being developed or for sale?

  2. Hi all...I am a cottage owner with a unit in the Castle Close adjoining the property. Does anybody know the status of the Clico deal, ...castle looked dreadful this past march.

  3. Is the hotel even open?

  4. Anyone know whats happening, married there in Jan 2000, looking to come back for our tenth anniversary ( if built )

  5. On August 3 this year the Nation newspaper reported the Minister of Tourism as saying that a Banyan Tree "development" is scheduled for the property.


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